RASS at Eurotox 2012

Dear RASS Friends,

Come and celebrate a RASS reunion at EUROTOX 2012 in Stockholm Sweden 17-20 June.

We are writing to you to ask you to hold the evening of Monday June 18th for a RASS dinner to be organized following the EUROTOX Monday City Hall Reception.   We anticipate dinner to be in a nearby restaurant to allow for continuing the festivities and fellowship with your RASS colleagues. 

So that we can plan the appropriate size venue can you please indicate your interest and availability to join us at this date and time ([email protected]). We will host the drinks but the dinner will be no-host. 


There will also be a RASS seminar on Monday 14.00-15.30.


RASS seminar, Monday June 18, 14.00-15.30                        
Room 24+25


Impacts and Lessons learned from the IUTOX Risk Assessment Summer Schools:  Charting the path forward.


Initially conceived over 25 years ago, the Risk Assessment Summer Schools (RASS) program and its related regional workshops is one of the longest running international Risk Assessment training efforts and has inspired over 490 students from over 62 countries. The RASS Programme administered through the initial efforts of Dr. Torbjorn Malmfors and IUTOX education committee is a focused specialist training and educational activity, which has emphasized team as well as individual learning rather than didactic teaching. The intensive week-long schools have offered toxicologists and health scientists unique opportunities to broaden their knowledge and experience in the field of risk assessment.  A key focus has been to achieve a better understanding of how to evaluate toxicological data and inform decision-makers. It is an exclusive training course with few formal lectures, but has always provided ample time for discussions initiated by lectures, for study cases prepared by faculty members and, most important of all, for study cases written by the students themselves before the course. Over 325 individual study cases have been discussed and used as a learning tool in these schools.  How this emphasis has shaped the format and impact of these schools will be a key emphasis of this session. 


This RASS seminar will provide discussion of:

  1. History on formation and IUTOX participation

  2. Discussion of key lessons learned and challenges for moving forward (presentation of IUTOX survey results).

  3. Short presentations by current and former faculty and students

  4. Extrapolation of lessons to global learning collaboratives.


The session will be scheduled as follows:


History of RASS formation and IUTOX Participation                                                                
T. Malmfors

Discussion of Key Lessons Learned (Presentation of IUTOX review and survey) 
E. Faustman 

Short Presentations by current and former faculty and students

Extrapolation of lessons to global Learning collaboratives - Identification of Risk Assessment Partnerships   (IUTOX Education Committee Panel Lead - including Mary Gulumian and Sylvia Barros-- Discussion with Audience)